Intro to HTML & CSS – Part 4

In this tutorial, we will add images to our site. We’ll look at getting pictures from our phones to our site as well as images from the internet. We’ll also learn how to “link” our images to other pages.

Part 4 – Adding Images

Images just make pages look better. When we were kids we wanted books with pictures. Some teachers give us assignments to write 1000 word essays. I just turn in a single picture… cause you know what they say…. a picture is worth a…..

The Tutorial on SafeYouTube


Changes to Source Code Files


  <h2>April 1, 2020</h2>
  <p>I almost forgot about the greatest band of all-time</p>
  <a href="" target="_blank">
    <img src="images/ssrs.jpg" alt="Stickshift Rocketship" width="200px">


  <img src="images/goofyBrandl.JPG" alt="Brandl" width="200px">

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