1. Greetings Mr. Brandl, it has been a long time since the last time I saw you. I was looking for a new editor and I got a message saying you posted a Youtube video. I think I’m gonna stick with using repl.it when doing C programming. I wish they added in nasm so I can practice assembly programming. Anyways, thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Hey dude!
      Good hearing from you. Assembly programming??… are you nuts! REPL isn’t as powerful as cloud9 was, but cloud9 is done (at least for the cheap public like me!) Stay healthy dude!

      1. Yeah I am learning Assembly Programming. It is quite essential for the Cyber Security Engineering degree i’m going for at UA. I did hear about C9 a bit too late. I didn’t get the chance to save some of the work I did from the past. It was great hearing from you again sir. Ill be watching the tutorials you post to see if I can learn anything else from them.

  2. This is a amazing. GPS wants me to certify in a computing language, Mangone convinced me to do html css. Eventually I will have to pass the microsoft test through Pearson. I’m going to go through your tutorials to help studying. Hope all is well…

  3. Hello Mr. Brandl this is kind of ironic that you posted this assignment because i was just starting to make games in Unity using C# and i was thinking man i wish there was a platform to help me learn better than a bunch of youtube videos . only if Mr. Brandl could help me.

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